Dogal JC106B6030 Carbon Steel flat wound 030-125, 6string, 34"

These strings are the evolution of the round wound series. Strings perfectly smooth with a tolerance, on the entire lenght of the string, of 02 mm only which alllows to get perfect intonations. Thanks to the carbon alloy, the sound quality is very similar to the one of the round wound strings but with all the advantages of the smooth winding concerning clarity and sound purity. Speed of hand sliding on the keyboard, lack of noise and a longer sustain compared to the round wound strings are further advantages of the Jaco strings. Long scale cm. 125. Available also for instruments with 5 and 6 strings and for basses Hofner.

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Electric Bass 6string Carbon Steel flat wound, round core, scale 34" Set 030 040 060 075 098 125